Aloha Travel Partners!

Dolphin Star® is a member of the Stars of Paradise® ‘ohana (family), operator of the Star of Honolulu Cruises & Events®. For the convenience of our tour operator partners, the following support materials are available:

2017 Dolphin Star Cruises (Daily)
D-CL Dolphin Star Cruise Lineup
D1 Wild Dolphin Watch® / Special Diet Info / Handout
D2 Wild Dolphin Watch BBQ & Snorkel® / Special Diet Info / Handout

2017 Dolphin Star Cruises (Events)
Events Cover / Planner Introduction
D-EL Dolphin Star Events Lineup
D-VP Dolphin Star Vessel Profile
DE1 Dolphin Star, Wild Dolphin Watch & BBQ Event
DE2 Dolphin Star, Wild Dolphin Watch BBQ & Snorkel Event
DE3 Dolphin Star, Sunset BBQ Dinner Event
VDE1 Dolpin Star, The Celeb Sunset Grill
VDE2 Dolphin Star, Snorkel & Sunset BBQ
VDE3 Dolphin Star, Friday Fireworks & Sunset BBQ

2017 Dolphin Star (Holiday Cruises)
D0704 Dolphin Star, Independence Day Catamaran Cocktail & Fireworks
D1231 Dolphin Star, New Year’s Eve Midnight Catamaran Cocktail & Fireworks

Party & Events Suggestions
Events Sales Intro 
Event A – Wedding & Intimate Celebrations (For Groups from 10 – 80 persons)
Event B – Hawaiian Banquet (For Groups from 300 to over 1,000 persons)
Event C – Aloha Friday Specials (For Groups from 30 to 700 persons)
Event D – Unique Hawaiian Events (For Groups from 100 to over 1,100 persons)

2017 Other Info
TS Transportation Schedule
FL Star Fleet Lineup
Contact and Terms

2017 Dolphin Star® Brochure

Dolphin Star® Images & Videos

Corporate Newsletters & Bulletins

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