Wild Dolphin Watch: Save $10 on adult tickets when you book online!
Dolphin Watch: Save $10 on Adult tickets when you book online!

Did you know that one of Hawaii’s best burgers isn’t found in a restaurant or drive-in but on board Hawaii’s best dolphin watch cruise? That’s right! Our customers say the tastiest burgers are served aboard the Dolphin Star! Enjoy a tropical afternoon on the Pacific Ocean with the most stunning views of dolphins and the Waianae coastline. You’ll enjoy an authentic dolphin watch as well as our popular Create-Your-Own-Gourmet Burger, freshly grilled on board with lots of local fixings! After exploring Oahu’s best snorkeling spot, relax with refreshments during the voyage back to shore.

Here’s what you can expect during your next BBQ lunch:

Selection of Buns
Freshly Baked Taro or Kaiser Buns

With all the Gourmet Fixings
Grilled Pineapple*, Avocado*,
Kamuela Vine Ripened Tomato*,
Purple Onion*, Kula Lettuce*, Cheeses

Selection of Sauces
Teriyaki, Spicy BBQ, Tomato

Trio of Potato Chips
Taro, Maui Style, Sweet Potato

Homemade Chocolate Brownies

Plus, After-Snorkel Refreshments
Dolphin Star’s Original Blue Dolphin Cocktail,
Fresh Pineapple* and more

Special vegan selections are marked with *.
Grilled Vegan Garden Burgers are also available with 24 hours notice.

The Wild Dolphin BBQ & Snorkel Watch departs from Waianae Boat Harbor at 12:00 p.m., followed by the Captain’s briefing, dolphin watching, snorkeling and lunch. The vessel disembarks at 3:00 p.m. and drops off in Waikiki at 4:30 p.m. For more information, visit https://www.dolphin-star.com/cruises/.

This month we’re continuing our feature on the spectacular marine mammals that traverse our waters with one you may not be familiar with—the Melon-headed Whale. A member of the oceanic dolphin family, this whale is rarely seen by man, and often confused with pygmy killer whales.

While very rare, the melon-headed whale lives its life in warm, tropical waters such as those surrounding the Hawaiian Islands. Since they prefer to reside in deep water conditions, the melon-headed whale can go unspotted for years. Interestingly, though, the “Hawaiian melon-headed whale” is also known for passing the daytime by resting at the water’s surface.

These social animals live in large pods of anywhere from 100 to over 1,000 fellow melon-headed whales, and can be seen associating with other breeds as well. These mammals are very fast swimmers, and will sometimes break the water’s surface, creating large ripples around them.

To learn more about the creatures of the sea, ask one of our certified Naturalists the next time you cruise aboard the Dolphin Star! Book your next cruise today by calling (808) 983-STAR (7827) or visit Dolphin-Star.com.

PHOTO CREDIT: whales.org