Meet These Mammals: Humpback Whales

This month, we’re introducing a new blog feature to profile the marine mammals that roam the seas. Meet the humpback whale, or Kohola in Hawaiian, an impressive marine mammal that can range in size from 40 to 50 feet and weigh up to a massive 45 tons! With over 80 known species of whales, these humpbacks are one of our personal favorites.

Every winter, humpbacks make their annual trek from Alaska’s cold waters to Hawaii’s warm ocean, where they breed and nurse their calf throughout the season. During this period, pods of whales can easily be spotted around the island, often swimming alongside their young. You can spot these majestic mammals with our friends aboard the Star of Honolulu, which is equipped with a 60-foot high observation deck, four walk-around decks and 3 types of stabilizers for smooth sailing. Whale watch season takes place from December through April.

To learn more about humpback whales, dolphins and our other favorite marine mammals, climb aboard the Dolphin Star! You’ll have a blast watching these ocean creatures frolicking in their natural habitat.

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