See whales guaranteed, plus “Child Free” special aboard the Star of Honolulu

Join our friends aboard the Star of Honolulu and take advantage of the last full month of whale watch season! Enjoy giant splashes and breathtaking sights aboard Hawaii’s most popular whale watch cruise before the end of the season.

Equipped with a 60-foot high observation deck, four walk-around decks and three different types of stabilizers, the Star of Honolulu is designed to provide you with the best whale watching experience. Enjoy 360-degree views of humpback whales as they coast through Hawaii’s warm waters—you may even witness their breach!

Remember to bring your cameras to capture the beauty of these majestic creatures. Our friendly crew of certified Naturalists will tell you exactly what to look out for!

Whale watch season ends on April 5, so book your cruise now before it’s too late! For more information, call (808) 983-STAR (7827) or visit

If you’re looking for a double dose of ocean wonders, join us aboard the Dolphin Star after your whale watch cruise! To journey to a dolphin paradise today, call (808) 983-STAR (7827) or visit

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